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Our range of Fire Hydrants Systems are standard fire detection system that can easily sense fire in the initial stage and can control it by automatically dialing the fire brigade station or other related authority and inform. To control the fire an optional automatic Carbon Di-Oxide discharger can also help. Fire Hydrant System is one of the most effective fire alarming systems.

The whole pipeline is kept under uninterrupted pressure with water. Whenever the hydrant valve is open, the pressure in the pipeline reduces drastically and jockey pump set which normally keeps the total system pressurized is unable to cope with the system demand which results in further fall in pressure. The further fall in pressure is perceived by the designated pressure switch and the main fire pump set starts automatically. Relying upon the type and sensitivity of the risk, diesel-engine powered fire pump set should also be installed having standby capacity of 100%. Some of the system components of fire.

It is a semi-automatic fire extinguishing system. A network of pipes is laid out counting upon the risk with hydrant valves placed at strategic places. The spacing or the distance between yard hydrants is guided by norms viz.

The entire range of ISI marked Hydrant Accessories - Landing Valves, Couplings, Branch Pipes, Special Nozzles, Fire Hoses, Monitors, Hose Boxes, Hose Reel Drums etc.