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  CO2 Flooding System
co2 flooding system
co2 flooding system

Co2 at atmospheric pressure is a colorless, odorless and electrically Non Conductive inert gas, It has high expansion ratio which facilities rapid discharge and allows three dimensional quick penetration in the entire hazard area. Made from premium quality components, this system's importance lies in the fact that it has high efficiency to extinguish fire by reducing the oxygen content of the protected area below the point where it can support combustion. Designed to withstand every climatic conditions, these devices are widely used in following area of applications:

Transformers,Power Generators, Machinery Spaces, Ships Holds, Electrical Equipments, Chemical Equipments, Chemical Work & Stores, Switch Rooms, Electric Movers, Solvent Stores, Dip Tanks and Oil Cellars etc.

Description/Specification of Co2 Flooding System

We are engaged in offering a comprehensive range of qualitative Co2 flooding systems. These have high expansion ratio that leads to rapid discharge and facilitates three dimensional penetration of the entire hazard area in a fastest manner. Some of the advantages of Co2 system are:

Fast in action 
Non damaging nature towards the equipment 
Non conducting