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We are specialized in providing fire safety systems to ensure protection of your building, properties & critical equipment and most importantly of your priceless life. You can’t deny the fact that accidents never happen with prior appointments. They can take place anytime and anywhere be it residential complex, commercial building or your office. A global statistics of such accidents, shows that worldwide fire breakouts every seven seconds, which results in more than 15,000 deaths per year.

Fire and smoke spread to other parts or floors of the buildings only through construction gaps. Although active fire protection systems like sprinklers and fire extinguishers quench the fire to some extent, they are not adequate to stop the spread of fire and smoke from one zone to other. We also help architects & engineers in designing fire and smoke safe buildings, complying with NBC regulations and also to obtain credit ratings for LEED certified Green Buildings.

We help our customers by designing fire and smoke safe zones within buildings by employing passive fire protection systems. Following the concept of containment and compartmentalization of fire, our company helps clients to stop fire and smoke spread from its place of origin to other parts of the building, thereby enhancing the fire integrity of your buildings. Our fire protection system works in line with a company’s business continuity planning/disaster management planning in saving your important information stored in the data warehouse/server rooms and ensuring safe storage of business information.