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Although automatic sprinkler installations have been commercially available since 1882 and have since been installed in a steadily increasing range of industrial and commercial premises, is true to say that many facets of sprinkler protection are little understood. It may be worthwhile, therefore, to descri 0.+*-be briefly the basis principles involved. Sprinklers fixed on pipe work charged with water spaced at regular intervals installed throughout the protected building and are connected to a reliable water supply. When a fire occurs, only the sprinklers in the immediate vicinity of the fire automatically operate the discharged water to control the fire. Sprinklers are not so sensitive that they operate at a stage when prompt manual first aid operations still have a chance of success.

These factors limit the damage to very low proportions. The operation of any one sprinkler causes an alarm to sound to bring help to the scene so that the water may be shut off as soon as the fire has been extinguished. The value of the automatic sprinkler system in the eyes of Fire Insurance Companies whose estimate is based on actual calculations, is shown by the high annual rebates on fire insurance premium which are allowed to the owners of sprinklered premises. The rebates vary according to the risk and it is not possible to lay down any hard and fast rules. For approved installations conforming with the standards laid down by the Tariff Advisory Committee of India, the saving is seldom less than about 40% of the premium normally charged for the insurance of a corresponding risk without sprinklers.


Sprinkler – Standard Response, Standard Coverage ½” BSPT, Chrome Finish K-Factor 5.6.

Temperature Rating – 57, 68, 79 Deg. C.
Mounting – Pendent, Upright, Sidewall & Concealed

 * Available in Chrome Finish
 * For concealed sprinkler cover plate is with white finish or chrome finish.

wetalarm valve WET ALARM VALVE - Wet Water Sprinkler System suitable for operating temperatures from 4°C to 70°C. Can be installed inside building with good water supply. Suitable for high-rise buildings, public places, storerooms, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, offices etc.
Dry alarm valve DRY ALARM VALVE - is a key component of a Dry Water sprinkler System. The pipe is usually filled with compressed air and Nitrogen. Operating temperature is below 0°C or higher than 7°C.